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5 Accessories Every Young Professional Needs

Tailored quality looking suits are key to young professionals in the business world. What many do not always think about are the accessories that should go along with the suits. These top five essentials will help young professionals in every aspect of their lives.

1. Portable Phone Charger

As a professional, you always need to have a back up for your phone. Portable phone chargers can be used while you are on the go to top off your phone battery when they get low. They might be expensive but can be huge lifesavers when needed.

Lumsing Portable Charger

2. Business Cards

Even though it’s the digital age, business cards are still an important networking tool. They let people see your brand in real life and are a creative reminder to reconnecting in the future after your initial meeting. You can make your business cards at a printing service or online; but make sure to use variety of patterns and colours to create a visual appeal.

3. Notebook & Pen

Sometimes it might not be appropriate to type on your laptop or phone to take notes during a meeting. Taking out a pen and nice Moleskin notebook shows that you are paying extra attention and helps you stay engaged in the conversation.

Moleskin Notebook

4. Good watch

A good watch is key to young professionals and can be one of the finest accessories you rock by representing your style choice. It’s unprofessional to pull out your phone to check the time so get a quality watch that compliments your outfit!

5. Leather Bag

Young professionals need to ditch the backpack and get a leather bag. Leather bags are classy, durable, stylish and practical for both men and women. Look for something that is appropriate for today’s professional yet casual business environment. For the men, we recommend Kenneth Cole and for the ladies, we recommend Kate Spade’s Messenger Bag that is key for keeping your laptop and papers organized!

We want to hear from you! What is your top accessory as a young professional?

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