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Lasting Connections Through Networking

Ah, another Hip Haus has come & gone.

As event organizers, we at the Hip Haus get increasingly excited as the day of the event progresses – our office is buzzing about new connections we are about to make, ensuring we all have our business cards & positive energy ready to go. The Hip Haus allows us to meet so many amazing people from all different industries and connect with individuals we wouldn’t have been able to meet via the confinement of our office walls.

And now, it is post-Hip Haus (insert long sigh here).

Back to work, back to the grind and back to the routine. Part of the routine should include the follow up and continuing to build your relationships from the previous evening. Our goal is to bring our community together and facilitate an environment where new connections can be formed, for personal or professional purposes.

That being said, here are some of our “HipTips” to get the most out of networking:

  • Send a follow up via email within 24 hours to make a good, lasting impression
  • Connect on LinkedIn. Include a small message that ties back to the interaction you & your counterpart had
  • Strengthen your relationships with your new connections by asking to meet for coffee. Try to refrain from making a sales pitch right off the bat. We recommend having some brief back and forth dialogue and establishing the relationship & trust before delivering your pitch
  • Pass on something valuable, such as an article link or an invite to another event to keep the conversation going

We look forward to connecting with everyone on Wednesday, September 2nd inside &Company Resto Bar!