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Why Networking Events Might Not Be Working For You

Have you been going to several networking events and every time you go, you’ve handed out all the business cards you came with and gone home with a handful from people that you’ve met, but never heard back from them? It’s almost like meeting someone at a bar, getting their number and then never hearing back from them for that potential date. So what went wrong?

The Follow Up

You did not follow up. Sometimes people will think that the other person will follow up with them if they don’t. Days, weeks, months can go by and you never hear from each other. It’s important to take the initiative and follow up, it will show that you are interested in working with that person and they will be inclined to work with you.

The Impression

First impressions are important. So are seconds, thirds and beyond. Be patient and leave a positive impression by the things mentioned in our “7 Things to Bring With You To Networking Events” blog.  If you run into someone you met at a previous Hip Haus event, don’t brush them off because you did not see value in them or because you already spoke to them, maybe they saw the value in you and there’s more to discuss in-depth. Acknowledge each other, remember them, make them feel important and that will help build rapport and loyalty for the future.

Thank You.

Thank people for their time. Shake their hand and be responsive. You may have had a casual conversation but that person still took the time out of their evening to talk to you. Networking is not always about gaining something but giving to and showing respect and thanking each other is just one more way to leave a good impression.

Have you been guilty of any of the above? See how different your outcome is after you follow these three important rules when networking.

“No Duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” – James Allen