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Networking Tips For Introverts

As an introvert, you may come off as shy or negligent about interacting with others beyond your circle, though that is probably not the case, you may just be an observer. Networking may need more cognitive effort for introverts to plan and psychologically prepare themselves for the event ahead.

Simply Smile

This has been mentioned in other blogs prior because it’s just that important. Smiling is an undervalued and overlooked sentiment but it is so simple and goes so far. It’s welcoming and when networking, you want to welcome everyone and not cut your opportunities short.

Let Go Of Your Fears

What are you scared of? What could possibly go wrong at a networking event that won’t let you put yourself out there? You have the ability to walk away whenever you want, but if you don’t go and don’t interact, you’ll miss out on 100% of the potential.

Reassess Yourself

Asses what you want. Know why you are going and what you want out of the networking event so that you have a goal when you arrive. This has been mentioned before too, but when you have a clear idea of what you want, it’s easier to attain that goal. This goes for everything, not just networking.

Do Your Homework

Look up the event, venue, think of some questions to ask people for information you want to know. It will help carry a conversation further. You may be an introvert but when carrying a conversation, you’ll come off more confident and knowledgeable than to come off uninterested or shy. Outgoing people with a lot of energy usually attract more attention, but even an in-depth and engaged conversation can leave an impact.

Know When You’re At Your Best

Is there a routine or process that makes you feel most comfortable? If you can incorporate that prior to the networking event, do so, so that you and your mind are at ease. If you find comfort in your best outfit or from having completed a task prior, do so. Knowing when you are at your best will allow you to be more confident.

Introverts are more likely to have close-knit relationships of which can display loyalty and build a great rapport with someone. Talking to strangers can be difficult and take time, but there’s bound to be at least a few out of the hundreds of people that you can connect with.

“Whatever kind of introvert you are, some people will find you “too much” in some ways and “not enough” in others.” ~ Laurie Helgoe