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Success Story of the Month – Avinash Rajkumar


What do you do?

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Lift Capital. At Lift Capital, we invest our clients capital into tangible assets. These tangible assets include various types of properties: commercial, residential and multi-residential buildings. Investors funds are secured against a property as a mortgage, whereby they earn a fixed rate of return for a defined period of time. Having been previously employed in the Wealth Management industry for many years, I noticed that many investors invest their life savings into overly sophisticated investment vehicles which they do not fully comprehend. Investing can be simple. If the TSX drops 300 points today, our clients principal investment and rate of return remains unchanged.

The greatest success story of your career?

At Lift Capital, we invest our clients funds into mortgages on properties. However, we are very particular as to the mortgage that we invest into. From a borrowers standpoint, raising capital from a bank can be very difficult. Unfortunately, banks are lending within very strict guidelines. At Lift Capital, we are able to share a similar vision with the borrower. We support borrowers that are striving to elevate and improve themselves. All of our borrowers are using the funds in a constructive manner. Whether it be to purchase a second property, build a new property, renovate and flip a property, or consolidate debt to improve their credit score. At times, all borrowers need is a lift to take it to the next level. That’s where we come into play. Nothing is more fulfilling than both parties being satisfied on each end of a mortgage deal that we fund. We help borrowers achieve their financial goals, and our investors earn a rate of return of 8-12%. That is a success.

What’s your motivation?

Freedom. There is much more to life than working a 9-5 job. I was previously employed by the top mutual fund company in Canada, and there were plenty of career opportunities available to me. However, I decided to leave all of that behind to be in control of my own life. Growing up, my parents always told me “know your value”. I always did, and I wasn’t prepared for someone else to dictate how valuable I was. I remember sitting at my desk one day thinking to myself “If I had child, and I had to leave right now to pick her/him up, could I? If I woke up tomorrow morning and felt like going on a last minute vacation, could I? If I wanted to double my salary here next year here could I?” The answer was no, no, and no. It was time to take control.

Advice for other Hip Hausers?

Short term pain for long term gain. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Don’t be afraid of failure. Get outside of your comfort zone. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient and never give up. Handing in my letter of resignation was a terrifying feeling, especially knowing that in two weeks I won’t have a pay cheque. It was the best decision I ever made.

Favorite Motivational/Success Quote

“I’m just a farmer from Guyana” (My Father, Every day).

My father came from very humble beginnings in Guyana. He decided to make a change and moved to Canada 30 years ago with $20 in his pocket.

What he is trying to say is that he moved to Canada with limited resources and built a very successful life for himself. With the resources and knowledge available to me, I should be able to double his accomplishments. He’s right.