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Why Business Cards Still Matter

Let’s compare walking into a networking event to walking into a party. Most of us (hopefully!) wouldn’t show up to a social gathering without putting pants on. Now think of business cards as the “pants” of networking events – you wouldn’t want to show up half naked, would you? (no judgments here…)

Business cards are essential to networking – it provides a simplified way of exchanging information in a professional manner, while giving you an opportunity to make a strong, positive impression about yourself. Developing face-to-face connections in our digital generation can prove difficult at times, which is why solidifying the interactions with others you do make can be beneficial in the future.

In a room full of at least 1,200 other young professionals at the Hip Haus, you want to be sure you stand out. Branding yourself positively in this atmosphere means having a good quality, well-designed business card that exhibits your uniqueness, personality and value & ensures your connections won’t forget about you.

Now, let’s get you some pants. Contact our friends at Outsite the Box to get your business cards before the next Hip Haus events!

*Disclaimer: please wear actual pants to The Hip Haus.