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The Hip Haus Networking Organization

The Hip Haus networking organization was founded to help young professionals foster new professional relationships, expand their business and develop the skills required to be successful in their industries.

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About Hip Haus Networking

The Hip Haus is an organization that exists to empower young professionals to expand their connections, grow local businesses and foster professional development through peer-to-peer networking.  The organization was founded in May 2014 with the goal to provide young professionals a relaxed social atmosphere to connect in the Greater Toronto community.  2019 represents a huge year as The Hip Haus is increasing it’s offering with exclusive events curated for the movers and shakers of Toronto, while also expanding it’s brand to other cities throughout North America.

Monthly networking events held throughout North America for the Young Professional Community.
Special Events
A series known as Hip Haus Infinite! Special Limited Ticket, experiential events to inspire another level of networking. These events are rare! Keep a look out for announcements.
Exclusive Access
Rare exclusive access to deals - Can include event access or products. Typically only for a limited time - Must be on our mailing list to take advantage!
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